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Mission 5? No, more like a request for input.

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Where do you begin? I mean, how can an all encompassing, constantly evolving guide show anyone anything about whatever? I could go on and on about the "Glory Days" of fighting, I could go over theory and rhetoric, I could prattle on about things no one cares about. Could I do a guide on every fighting game character there is?

I mean, EVERY character? Even the rare games I haven't played, or heaven forbid, HEARD of? Is that what this will eventually come to? It's likely that this could eventually become a compendium of fighting game fans throwing thier experience out here and letting everyone know what it takes to be awesome, and how you can get there.

But, everyone's play style varies, and even still, may vary between games. Someone who'd play "crazy rush in your face" in SNK Vs Capcom:Chaos might be a cowardly lamb in Capcom Vs. SNK 2.

Then there's the characters and how they vary between games. Kyo Kusanagi is VASTLY different depending on the iteration of the game he's in. He went from a near Ryu clone, to a VERY well put together close combat fighter. He lost fireballs for auto-blocking punches that just go through everything.

So, I'll leave it to you, the few who might read this. What would you like to see me do here? Maybe with some support, I'll enjoy doing this.

Poll #711125 What should Xeno show you in his Dojo?

What should Xeno show off in his Dojo?

He should do more on the basics. Gameplay and how to maneuver are important!
Character Guides! I mean, how can I be good with someone if I don't know what they do?
Game Specific lessons! What good are lessons for Ivy in Soul Calibur 3 if all I own is Soul Calibur 2?
Combinations! I already know moves, but how do I string them to make my foes cry?
Specific Match-ups! I know how to beat Zangief with Guile, but how do I beat Guile with Zangief?
Nothing! This is a waste of webspace. (Oh, and if you pick this one, I'll find you and hurt you!)
I've got an idea you didn't post here. I'll respond to this with my idea!
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